Law Dogs miracles and gadgets

published Nov 02, 2017 | | |
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Deadlyreg 1

This deck is a first draft and is probably horrible. There's a few new cards that I love that I'm trying to fit in a deck and maybe this will work?

Devil's Six Gun is just the best.

Nov 02, 2017 DoomDog

This deck looks like it wants to start Agent Provocateur to help with the economy side of things, and perhaps lose a dude with upkeep to make space for her. With 1 GR, 1 income and a tight, high value draw structure I think you'll find yourself very short on ghost rock to get things going. With a lot of 5/6 cost dudes it could take several turns to raise the cash to bring in reinforcements. Devil's Six Gun's cost of 3 will put further strain on your early game setup.

Father Tolarios and Stewart Davidson both require you to discard a card to use their abilities, so be wary of that limiting your options.

I actually wonder if you'd be better off making two different decks - one for new Miracles and one for new Gadgets?

Nov 02, 2017 Deadlyreg

@DoomDog AAAAAAAAH don't make me choose between my children. Looks like a redesign is in order. Deckbuilding is hard...