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LordManHammer 447

So this is the deck I first built before NTNR. After trying a different build focusing on 8's after NTNR I actually went back to my old build focusing on 10's and modified it with some NTNR hexes. This will probably be my tournament build.

One fun thing would be to experiment more with the starting posse. My normal starting posse is as stated, but I do substitute Micah with Dulf against Sloane.

More comments to follow after an upcoming tournament. Please comment.

Dec 12, 2014 mplain

What's the rationale behind substituting Micah with Dulf? They get control points too fast? Faster than Landslide?

Don't you miss more Stevens?

Dec 12, 2014 LordManHammer

Yeah - the thing is that the Sloane Rush decks I have been playing against can put down 4 control points (or 5 if they get lucky) round 1(!). Even though that landslide can put Down 2 CPs round 1 and 2 more round 2 I can control some of these and hopefully begin taking his CPs from him and reduce his influence to win.

The thing with Steven is... He is a great Card. No arguing there. But this deck struggles a little bit with getting him in hand and relies heavily on harming the opponent and reducing their movement, bullets and influence rather than putting studs on the table... Thus Avie actually becomes more important to play than Steven as she can attach hexes right away and come out blasting. Which Again requires a pretty solid pull structure as she is huckster 0 - Thus requiring a 9 to pull off Blood Curse.