Miss Hagerty and her clockwork men

published Mar 07, 2018 | | |
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GrahamD12345g 44

This is the deck i piloted in a small deputy event in Hartlepool, which i came first going 4-0 The basic concept of the deck is to tool up on gadgets and Quatermen, any failed pulls are boosted the prof. then watch as you opponent struggles to use shootout abilities, well unless they use what are the decks obvious flaws, one tactic i really enjoyed was the forcefeild decimator aray combo, where if you have enough rock, equal there hand rank, when it comes to casualties i discard an aray where they discard a dude, which i used against Peters desloation row dead mans hand on several occasions

another combo which i dint really get to use was to rope and ride any dudes in town square to deeds that were boosted by Gatling guns.

so with worlds coming up I am looking for ways to tweek and upgrade the deck any help would be great.

sorry if my English is awful i typed this in a bit of a rush

Mar 08, 2018 DoomDog

As I understand it, if you've got Ghost Rock to spare, you can reveal a two pair with an off value heart, buy a hand rank bonus with Force Field, then use Decimator Array to change your hand to a full house. Similar shenanigans can be had by giving your stud dude a LeMat Revolver and using the 'three pair' Resolution go get the hand rank bonus before you use the Decimator.

Mar 08, 2018 Prodigy

Looks very fun!