Morgan 7+8+9 Ghetty

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mplain 1642

This deck is another take on the Morgan Cattle Co. that I decided to try out after getting my ass kicked by db0 playing something vaguely similar on OCTGN.

Back when I was playing preconstructed decks, my most vivid impression was that of James Ghetty incinerating enemies with a Flamethrower, laughing together with his best friend Rémy Lapointe. :)

This deck is centered around free money provided by James Ghetty and Lillian Morgan. You use it to pay for Hired Help, Flamethrower, and Rémy Lapointe.

Main values are 7s (x16), 8s (x12) and 9s (x12). I decided that I need Unprepared more than any of the actions at 8♣, although I'm still lacking good shootout plays.

Steven Wiles wasn't as useful as I'd hoped, because he usually doesn't get on the board in time to protect me from 1st-click Kidnappin' or Bounty Hunter.

I just couldn't resist the appeal of including my favourite enforcer, Lane Healey, and some horses. Old habits die hard.

I could ditch 8s altogether for some 3s or 5s, but that would kinda go against the original concept of incinerating people for free. ;)

So far the deck proved to be viable enough, here's an illustration of a game I had yesterday against Sloane Aggro: screenshot. Here, I just saved Irving from being kidnapped with the use of some Hired Help, and I'm waiting for the next attack to give me some bounty money so that I could call my good friend Rémy ;)

This is still a work in progress, any advise or feedback is welcome!

Dec 18, 2014 db0

Btw, I just posted the deck I kicked your ass with :P

Dec 19, 2014 mysticpickle44

Being able to pump out a free stud bullets and a 2-casualty soak with James Ghetty every shootout is really really strong. If you can draw decent hands, even decks that try to wear you down through shootouts will run out of gas before you do if you can get enough Hired Help in your hands! Even if things go badly in a shootout you can still make your escape for another if you only lose by 2 ranks!

Dec 19, 2014 db0

Correct, but getting that Hired Help in your hand is trickier. You can't have one every shootout.