T.A.L.E.S: Tech Advancement in Law Enforcement, Suckas

published Aug 13, 2019 | | |
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Welsh Wizard 38

Plan is to create an army of gadget dudes to stomp all over law-breakers and riffraff scum. Start with lots of cash to keep options open initially, and build Robocops, one way or another.

Margaret Hagerty is the keystone: There is an excellent chance of a useful gadget turning up in the first hand. Willa, and Henry are mainly there as fodder for Wretched transformation, though ideally we would use a Quaterman for that.

Plasma Drill + Technological Exhibition is a fine thing to see when the Town Square is haunted by your Wretched boosted with Holy Wheel guns or in Yagns Mechanical Skeleton.

Cheating Resolutions rely on Jaels Guile, but thats not a bad thing.

The deck struggles against a deck running Puppet or an early kidnapping/ambush/hanging of Ms Hagerty. Once it gets going, its pretty formidable. It does lack mobility.