Jonah's Alliance - Kraków Peacekeeper series, 4th place

published Dec 30, 2019 | | |
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Xenir 2

Dec 31, 2019 jordan caldwell

How much use did you get out of the home?

Maria Kingsford quickly escalating to 4 bounty, yes.

Anything else?

Jan 01, 2020 Findegil

And was the low number of deeds able to provide enough imcome for the high-cost Dudes?

Jan 04, 2020 Xenir

@jordan caldwell That was the main use, I think I used it once or twice just to make somebody a stud. The second part of the home's ability was quite useless.

@Findegil The economy is definitely a weak point of this deck, but it wasn't the main issue. This was purely an experiment trying to construct an outlaw deck based on the hucksters. Overall, I finished 3-3 with this deck

Round 1 vs Oddities of Nature that controlled the town square, got in a couple of shootouts that I lost badly due to Point Blanks Round 2 vs Morgan Regulators. This deck was played by a fairly new player, I got some money from bounties that let me play the high-cost dudes (including Morgan Lash with bounty discount) after aggressive shoutouts in my home (Kidnappin'). Won that one Round 3 vs Desolation Row. That one was rough, almost no hexes at the start of the game. This didn't matter much, my opponent had a lot of job initiation cards. First two rounds of the game looked like this: lowball - I lost; his first noon - Kidnappin'. Lost that game fairly quickly Round 4 vs Property is Theft. That deck was strange. I don't remember that game very well - definitely a lot of shootouts. If I recall correctly, I eventually won that one with a combination of Shadow Walks and Phantasms when my opponent lost most of his moveable influence Round 5 vs The Fourth Ring. That one was all about movement, not a lot of shootouts. The key moments were when his Leonardo "Leon" Cavallo pulled a Soul Blast trying to boot my dude. I caught him defenceless, which pretty much sealed the game for me Round 6 vs The Sloane Gang. This was pretty much unwinnable. My opponent controlled the town square for the whole game. He was able to generate 2 control per day. That deck was suited very good for attrition shootouts - lots of sidekicks and abilities to kick my dudes out of the shootout. Lost that game also