Helltank (PO6 '20, Round Six)

published Jan 02, 2021 | | |
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jordan caldwell 369

Built around Iron Mole, what this deck wants to do is build out-of-town economy to purchase the gadgets and dudes it needs to neutralize opposing posses, then use Ol' Fashioned Hangin' to surge a control / influence ratio with a single targeted Tank Raid! This seems to happen out 50% of the time, with the other 50% of the time it flounders too much in the beginning to execute it's plan. Another WIP.


Jan 02, 2021 jordan caldwell

Potential changes W2DW: I'm thinking Dr. JT Goodenough belongs in the starting posse, and/or definitely John "Aces" Radcliffe (Exp.1). Maybe Willa Mae McGowan (Exp.1).

Also Play for Blood looks interesting. Definitely Heath's Curiosity Shoppe!

Jan 04, 2021 jordan caldwell

Will probably end up utilizing the linked "Little Synergy" when re-building this deck:


Jan 23, 2021 zenarchist

So, how does this deck get to start 5 dudes and a Core deed? Who's filling in for Xiaodan Li :-)

Jan 27, 2021 jordan caldwell

Our contortionist obviously slipped through the bars in his jail cell and snuck away...

...on a serious note, nice catch. Gomorra Jail is not meant to start here.

That said, I am currently experimenting with using Ol' Howard to fetch Land Purchase used to drop Lula's Exploit or one of the on-value deeds for it's next iteration...