Outlaws Weird West Edition Official Starter Deck List

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Outlaws Weird West Edition Official Starter Deck List

Aug 16, 2023 DoomDog

How would I play this deck? The Sloane Gang is what's often termed a Rush deck. It can quickly generate control points and force your opponent to engage with you, ideally before they're ready to fight. The deck is structured to be good at defending itself when that time comes.

You want to move into town square early on and start generating control points with The Sloane Gang and Allie Hensman. When someone moves to fight you, wait for them to call you out so Jacqueline Isham becomes a stud, improving your odds in the shootout.

Eventually you're going to end up in a shootout, so keeping hold of a strong shootout action or two like Pistol Whip or Pinned Down will help your chances of success.

Launching a Kidnappin' against your opponent's most influential dude once you've got a few control points on your dudes could seal a victory, but be careful as losing dudes to casualties may also mean losing control points!