Morgan 3+5+7 Cavalry

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Morgan 3+5+7 Cavalry 5 7 5
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mplain 1642

An update on my gadget-less Lane deck, a standard 3+5+7 shooter with Morgan flavor of good economy. This version supports Straight Flush structure at the expense of some deeds and Steven Wiles.

3's - x12, 5's - x12, 7's - x12

Horse Wranglin' allows me to reduce the number of horses in favor of some extra guns for Travis.

Hot Lead Flyin' means that if the shootout didn't go as planned and Travis has to go, the opponent still loses a guy before the next round starts. This can easily be changed to One Good Turn if you don't like it.

Rémy Lapointe is a late game option, a possible combo with James Ghetty, and he's hard to paralyze for those damn clowns (although he's very vulnerable to Forget, but people seem to play this hex less as they now tend to focus on 8+10+Q builds). You shouldn't really suffer all that much from Paralysis Mark because Pinto lets Lane join any shootout even if he's booted.

Jan 16, 2015 makkam101

This looks good too but why so many actions over deeds?

Jan 16, 2015 mplain

I'm just more of a gun person I guess. :) Suites my playstyle more.