Book 'em, Danno (2/10 Doyle's Hoyle)

published Jan 22, 2015 | | |
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Cadavaca 96

This deck has two themes: Doyle's Hoyle (14x2, 16x10), and collecting bounties. Without bounties, money is a bit of a problem, so are a lot of small deeds with useful abilities in order to make Tresspassin' more likely. The deck's biggest problem right now is a lack of studs, but I'm not sure where to fit them in.

Jan 23, 2015 brystrom

Drop Prescott for Mortimer, great starting stud and you'd only lose one influence. You're not running anything that studs Prescott anyways. 17 seems like a lot of dudes and you don't have a ton of actions to help win Bounty Hunts. Maybe shave some for some SIYEs or Pistol Whips, I think you're doing 10s a disservice not including any Unprepareds as well. I get it, lots of good actions at 10 but Unprepared is one of the best in the game. Loving the 10 and 2 combo that has become more viable since DD.

Jan 23, 2015 Cadavaca

Prescott's there to make assigning bounties that much easier; since he starts with 3 influence he's good at getting the wanted train rolling. I think you're right about the surplus of characters, but I'm not sure who to get rid of - maybe Rafi and/or Lucy.