Fourth Ring Hand Manipulation/Control

published Feb 21, 2015 | | |
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Derived from
None. Self-made deck here.
Inspiration for
Aces in the hole - 1st place Deputy Tournament (The Appraise 13 20 7

Marshal Lambert 42

Simple deck, which I am sure has been done before. This was the winning deck at the Worcester Deputy Event.

Starting dudes are 5 influence so can usually survive a turn 1 kidnap if one goes, though it is a risky setup with Leon being the only huckster. As Kevin never starts as a stud there is also a reliance on beign able to manouvre (or going first to town square) to then activate his ability.

Rumours and Blood Curse to negate control fo your dudes and lower the target to win, followed by shootouts with Kevin being supported with Doyles Hoyle and Ace in the Hole

As it turned out this stategy did not get put into play much (used Rumours once, didn't need to use Ace in the Hole, never pulled a Doyles Hoyle in any game!) and simply went for shootouts and lucky enough to win the right ones.

Played against 2 x Sloane and a Law Dogs deck so never got to have a mirror match.

I did initially have Ghostly Gun as a starting dude but in the end he was too costly a sacrifice to manipulate my hand when Ace in the hole generally did this just as well without the loss of a dude.