Jonah and the Whale-ateley

published May 25, 2015 | | |
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PaxCecilia 36

I honestly have no idea how this would do, any feedback would be appreciated. I'm hoping to make my guys tough to deal with threatening town square and opponents, having superior draws and delay and meander until eventually getting Whateley into play and turning all my guys into control points for a dumpy win. Worst case scenario hes a stud, huckster, and has tons of influence.

Nov 16, 2015 Antaiseito

4x of 3 guys could be quite dangerous, if you end up with a full hand of all of them and can't afford or play them. Maybe get some more supporters on value, so you (hopefully) can use most cards you get into your play hand.

4x Missed is questionable too, since you got no Shootout, boot: abilities on your dudes.

Have fun if you're still around ^^