Oddities 6+7+8 Rope & Ride 'Em Down!

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mplain 1642

Oddities of Nature is the most complex outfit in the game to build around, I believe. Gaining bonus influence while in the town square just doesn't acomplish very much by itself, as it greatly limits your mobility: 0-influence abimonations cannot contest deeds, and they lose the bonus if they have to move to join a fight. Booting a dude in town square is sometimes useful (hello Wendy!), sometimes not so much. Extra 1 gr per turn is always nice, but you'll have to fight for it. So, what can we make out of Oddities, other than just "I want to play Clowns but I don't want to focus on spells"?

For starters, The Fourth Ring has some of the cheapest shud shooters around, like Tyxarglenak and Funtime Freddy. Their main downside, of course, is their lack of influence, but that's exactly what Oddities on Nature helps with! The shooting potential of this deck's starting posse is extremely high - three studs, one of which protects the other two from being targeted. Unless your opponent has a Pistol Whip, no amount of Suns or other bullet reducers can completely blind your posse; and with the structure this tight, drawing 7 cards will almost guarantee a full house at least. Add in some good shootout actions and cheatin' punishment, the built-in bullet-reducing mechanism (Pagliaccio), and you can boldly take on even the scariest bandits from the Desolation Row.

If the opponent's game plan doesn't involve engaging a major shootout in the town square, things get a little bit more complicated. This is where this deck's particular flavor kicks in - Horses! Get your abominations on horseback and Run 'Em Down! Then grab them with a Rope and Ride them into the town square, right into the welcoming arms of your grinning circus freaks! :D

I kinda like this deck, although with all the fun and interesting builds emerging after F&F and FJ, I didn't have enough time to playtest it and refine the decklist. There are still some issues to deal with, some changes to be made.

Clementine Lepp replaced Jake Smiley because I need at least two dudes to occupy the opponent's early deeds, otherwise their economy will grow out of control and overwhelm me. Hopefully we'll get a cheap abomination with influence in the near future.

There are four horses in the deck, which is not always enough to make good use of 4x Run 'Em Down and 2x Ridden Down, but there's also Horse Wrangling, and 3x Fetch really help with getting what you need. Still, you might choose to either add 1-2 more horses, or cut Ridden Down in favor of more cheatin' punishment.

I'd love to play Clown Carriage in this deck, but its high difficulty makes inventing it unreliable, and the cost of 2 gr plus booting Valeria is just too high.

Welcome to the Circus! We hope you'll enjoy the show :)