Outfit • Wealth 19 • Production 3

React, Boot: After your dude succeeds at a spell pull while not at home, you may discard a card from your hand to gain 1 ghost rock and draw a card.

Fearmongers • Robin Wouters • Base Set #1
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The Fourth Ring is a ton of fun. It has the steepest learning curve out of the base outfits, but learning to play them well will pay off in the end. As far as I know this is the only card allowing you to cycle through your deck faster besides Lady Luck. That alone is a reason to go into Fourth Ring. a Cycling ability allows you to put a card or two in there that wont always be useful as you can just discard and grab another one. Economy can get rough even with the ability as it can be tempting to play lots of high cost/high upkeep dudes. My answer to this is my deck, The Circus of Value. I wind up with way more than enough money to play all the card in my hand.