Dude • Draw 0 • Influence 2 • Cost 3 • Upkeep 2
Harrowed • Huckster 0

"Pancho's been at that circus three times this week. Boy must really love clowns." - Fred Aims
• Carmen Sinek • Base Set #10
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Not much to say here. The 10 is a very nice value for fourth ring. She has a low huckster rating but its going to be hard to get her off of the board due to her harrowed trait and her 2 influence is nice. Its really going to come down to whether you have the money and need to influence. I usually run her in my deck but I hardly ever send her onto the board. She spends most of the time in my deck as a 10 helping to ace the opposing dudes. Her influence and upkeep makes her unplayable outside of the fourth ring but the fourth ring is notoriously bad at economy so her cost makes her nearly unplayable in fourth ring. Sticks her between a rock and a hard spot.