Dude • Stud 1 • Influence 2 • Cost 7 • Upkeep 1

Shootout, Pay 1–4 Ghost Rock: Rémy gets +1 bullets for each ghost rock spent, to a maximum rating of 5 bullets.

"Mon pistolet parle la langue universelle."
Entrepreneurs • Biagio D'Alessandro • Base Set #33
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Some comments on Kain8's review:

You cannot really play the 'game of chicken' with Rémy, because any abilities that do not have the 'Repeat' keyword are only usable once per turn, including shootout abiities. So if you pay 1 gr to boost him, you lose the ability to do that again this turn, unless you play Good Stiff Drink.

Also, in the current meta Rémy is not very good because he's a prime target for Forget. Every 4R deck packs this spell, and some occasional Sloane and even Morgan decks do too.

When combining Rémy and James Ghetty, to counter Pistol Whip I'd suggest playing 'The Stakes Just Rose' (to get the dude back into action) and 'Make The Smart Choise' (to get the other dude out of trouble).

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2 influence and a starting 1 stud value are not overwhelming stats, but decent enough.

Jack value is always good if you go the DMH route with any outfit.

His shootout ability makes him very very scary, but in a roundabout way. Yes, he can become a freaking 5 stud shooter if you spend 4 ghost rock on him. But if your opponent has a Pistol Whip, Sun in Yer Eyes, or any other Shootout action waiting for Remy, then the ghost rock you just spent will be wasted.

Remy basically amounts to a game of chicken that you get to end whenever you want. (Also dependent on the amount of ghost rock you have at the time.) Pay 1 ghost rock and see what your opponent does. They may play something to affect Remy. If they do something to Remy, better that they do it now before you just spent 4 ghost rock. If your opponent passes, well, now you can try to boost Remy's bullets again or if you're good with a 2 stud, pass back! Now you just locked your opponent out from any tricks they may have been saving for a 4 or 5 stud Remy, but weren't willing to use on a 2 or 3 stud.

James Ghetty and Lillian Morgan both help fuel Remy's ability for free, provided they're in the same posse of course.

Toss Remy a Shotgun and watch out! Being able to potentially ace up to a 5 value dude is plain unfair.


Remy is quite pricey but just like I said with Wylie Jenks, play him at the start of the game. Thankfully, Remy can be played easier if you don't start him since as a Morgan player, you should be able to accrue and spend 7 ghost rock faster than your opponent.

If you're caught with no ghost rock in a shootout, Remy is a blank 1 stud. Remy does require some shrewd budgeting to be played effectively.

Like I indicated above, Remy can seriously backfire. Just be smart in using his ability and spend wisely. This of course goes out the window if James Ghetty is in a shootout with Remy.


Remy is one of my favourite dudes in the game right now. He can play mind games with your opponent as long as you have ghost rock to spend. Remy rewards smart play. Use him well and he won't disappoint.

Rating: 4.5 / 5