Dude • Draw 2 • Influence 0 • Cost 4 • Upkeep 0

Fred's influence is equal to his bounty.

"I don't rob banks because I need the money. I do it cause it ticks off those rich, uppity types. The money's just a nice bonus."
Outlaws • Cristian Chihaia • Base Set #36
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Fred Aims has become a mainstay of my Sloane Gang decks. Although with 2 draw bullets he is unsuited as a frontline shooter, he is affordable and his trait is one of the best in the game.

Influence keeps you in the game, and it can sometimes seem a struggle to get sufficient funds to bring in a new dude with influence into play.

Your more durable gang members can quickly start racking up bounties by "breaking and entering", or running jobs like Kidnapping or Ambush. If paired with Mikaeo Kaleo those bounties can be transferred to Fred Aims, giving you sufficient influence to keep from getting knocked out. Another way to add bounty to Fred is via cards like The Evidence, or via the action of B&B Attorneys.

This dude can thus quickly stack up bounties to a ridiculous level. If you play using the Desolation Row starting home, becoming wanted can garner control points pretty readily, and Fred will usually be over 4 bounty without much effort.

As he becomes an influence powerhouse expect Fred to attract hostile attention. He should avoid shootouts whereever possible, unless the whole gang are involved. Avoid getting him Pinned Down!

Cards like Bounty Hunter targeting wanted dudes are his nemesis. Beware of the many jobs targeting wanted dudes: dont leave him isolated!