Dude • Stud 2 • Influence 1 • Cost 4 • Upkeep 1

If you reveal a cheatin' hand in Barton's shootout, raise your draw hand rank by 1 for this round..

"The real crime is letting a fool keep his money."
Outlaws • Jonathan Moore • Base Set #40
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To me, Barton Everest is an absolute must-take starting dude for my Sloane Gang.

As a two-stud, he is a strong shooter in the early game, and with a few buffs like an attached weapon or Bad Company (also on a 5 -value) he can get quite scary. He is affordable and has that crucial influence point to allow him to contest deeds.

His trait is the epitome of the Sloane Gang philosophy: a cheating hand is better than a legal one, but risks a nasty cheating resolution!

Tied draw hands are a frequent occurrence in Doomtown Reloaded. Any opponent in a shootout had better be packing anti-cheat or else they are going to get whittled down by Bartons inbuilt handrank trait.

To be sure of avoiding a nasty Cheating Resolution like Coachwhip , I tend to start playing Barton more aggressively as the opponent depletes his playhand. If the opponent has no play hand cards, or his discard pile contains his best anticheat cards you can push Barton into fights with confidence.

A Pair of Six Shooters or Jaels Guile are nice to attach to Barton: Opponents will frequently be tempted to cheat to get a sufficiently good handrank to avoid Bartons trait, triggering your own anticheat.