Deed • Control 1 • Cost 2 • Production 1

Controller Noon, Boot: Raise or lower the bounty on a wanted dude by one (if the bounty goes to zero, the dude is no longer wanted).

Not sure who's more hated hereā€¦ the criminals or those who defend 'em.
• Matthew Sweeney • Base Set #61 | Promos #9
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This card is a strong one: 2 cost/one production cards are always welcome as they are cheap, and thus easy to play in the early game.

The ability is truly useful for Sloane Gang and Law Dogs who benefit from the bounty mechanics. Need an extra influence as Sloane? Add a bounty to Fred Aims. Need to make someone wanted for an Ol' Fashioned Hanging or a Bounty Hunter? This is the card you are looking for.

It is on a useful value for those shooty decks that are not looking to suceed in skill test pulls.