Deed • Control 0 • Cost 4 • Production 3
Private • Ranch • Out of Town

"My family has been raising horses since my great-grandfather. And lemme tell ya Elander, that mechanical monster is no horse." - Jarrett Blake
Neutral • Alvaro Calvo Escudero • Base Set #67 | Promos #19
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What are all these cowboys doing out there in the Weird West? Apart from shootouts, whiskey and meddling with forces we dont understand?

Well it turns out that the cowboy economy is based on ranching. And this is probably the best Ranch in the game: Each turn it gives a massive 3 income. This represents a huge boost to your economy. Be prepared to defend it!

Expect the jealous eyes of your opponents to turn to this valuable Ranch and contest it to deny you the income. It is Out of Town so they will normally boot to get there, but there are many extra movement mechanics that can cause an opponent to arrive unbooted unexpectedly, and that tends to result in conflict.

It is on a 7 value which is linked to a lot of other good cowboy ranching cards: Cattle Market, Ranchers Lariat, Pinto and the Run Em Down! action card all might be chosen alongside this one.