Deed • Control 0 • Cost 1 • Production 1
Private • Strike • Out of Town

"No one is sure who Pat is, but there seems to be activity out there." - Dave Montreal
Neutral • Mark Behm • Base Set #70 | Promos #135 | Weird West Edition #127
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This is a nice little card to boost your economy and on a good value for a lot of decks, including those gunning for Dead Mans Hand. I am always pleased to see this card in my hand.

I also enjoy the way out of town deed mechanics open the board up and add some decisions to the movement game: Do I boot a weak influence dude out of town to contest this deed? Or do I keep my gang concentrated in town and allow my opponent uncontested income? Who will be sent to turf me out? Will a gun fight here be winnable without the support of the rest of my dudes? Will this distract my opponent from the conflicts elsewhere?

Its all good!