Deed • Control 1 • Cost 2 • Production 1

Controller Shootout, Boot: Move your dude into your posse from any location.

"Of course it is safe and profitable. How do you think I was able to found this fine establishment? Now go get 'em!" - Carter
Neutral • Biagio D'Alessandro • Base Set #73 | Promos #6 | Weird West Edition #132
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Carter's Bounties is arguably the strongest deed available on the 10 value, especially for those decks planning to play aggressively and get into shootouts.

The ability to move any of your dudes into a shootout is powerful indeed, and helps get full value out of your best, most studly dudes who will remain threatening as long as you control this deed. Even booted dudes can be brought into the posse.

This also makes it easier to back-up those weakly defended, hard to get to out-of-town deeds in a hurry if a shootout starts with a defending dude looking outclassed. Movement effects from Shadow Walk or Horses can lead to unexpected conflicts anywhere on the board: With Carters Bounties you have the option to scramble a dude to counter the threat.

As always, deeds are double edged swords; if the opponent grabs control you had better beware!

Pros: Cheap, great Shootout effect to allow you to escalate a Shootout

Cons: Adds a strong method of escalating a Shootout that can potentially be turned against you too!