Deed • Control 0 • Cost 2 • Production 2
Private • Strike • Out of Town

"You leave him alone, he'll leave you alone. Let's not learn that lesson again." - Max Baine
Neutral • Robin Wouters • Base Set #75
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Looking for cards to round out your deck? Need to loosen your structure and want an off-value card that will stay in play and do something useful? Struggling for economy? Maybe you just want to play cards that feature references to the classic Deadlands: Doomtown CCG?

Jackson's Strike is a card that finds its way into an awful lot of my decks, on-value or not. It doesn't do anything fancy, it just gives you two more income each turn. However that's nothing to be sniffed at. More ghost rock means you can play more cards and afford higher upkeep costs. Seeing this deed early in the game is a great way to kick-start your economy. Later on when the control points are starting to pile up it's a safe play that still builds your board state for future turns.

As it's Out of Town and lacks a control point, opponents may be less likely to contest it than an in-town deed. Unless they have some movement abilities to take advantage of any dude they move there will have to boot, and while there will remain isolated from the action - a prime target for a Kidnappin' as you can send as large a posse as you desire after the claim jumper.