Deed • Control 1 • Cost 2 • Production 1

Controller Noon, Boot: Move your dude from this location to another location (without booting).

"I'm here to pick up the shipment… and to guarantee your silence." - Ivor Hawley
Neutral • Cristian Chihaia • Base Set #79 | Weird West Edition #141
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Railroad Station is one of those cards that can appear kind of mediocre at first, but can be incredibly valuable in certain circumstances. Standalone it is it not that interesting - it can let you get dudes to an out of town location without booting, but that is not always terribly useful. The card really comes into its own when your opponent is camped out in town square with a superior force. Moving anybody into the square is going to get you called out, but a Railroad Station next to your home can let you move Home -> Railroad Station -> Some Other Location without getting jumped. Using this to threaten your opponent's deeds can help to force your opponent out of the square, while still leaving you unbooted to run away if necessary.

The 2 GR cost is great for an early play, when the spots next to your home are still available. Overall, a solid card for decks that want to do a lot of maneuvering without necessarily wanting to fight.