Goods • Cost 1

This dude is a stud.

"I took this from a deputy I killed down south. The trigger is so smooth you barely even have to squeeze." - Sanford Taylor
Neutral • Ikaan Studios • Base Set #87 | Weird West Edition #156
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To start, I just want to thank mplain for correcting me on Remy Lapointe and Repeat abilities.


A cost of one ghost rock is very reasonable for any goods card.

Can be made free still with General Store if you have no other goods to play that turn.

It makes a lot of draw dudes pretty scary. Marion Seville, Allie Hensman, Olivia Jenks, Travis Moone, Rafi Hamid, Dulf Zug, and Jon Longstride can all use Pearl-Handed Revolver to great effect.


Obviously, it doesn't do anything for your dudes that are already studs.

It's effectiveness is a function of how many draw dudes you have in your deck. This is more of a deckbuilding balance than a negative, but it is a consideration you need to make.


Pearl-Handed Revolver can make a dude your opponent was writing off as a credible threat. If you have a draw structure that isn't geared towards straight flushes, this pistol can be a good fit. It's a bit narrow in it's application, but the payoff is quite decent.

Rating: 3 / 5