Goods • Bonus 1 • Cost 2
Weapon • Gadget • Difficulty 8

This dude is a stud.

Shootout, Pay 1–3 Ghost Rock, Boot: Raise the bullets on this Gadget by 1 for each ghost rock spent. Each round's loser takes 1 extra casualty.

Neutral • Larry Wilson • Base Set #91 | Weird West Edition #164
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In my opinion this is one of the most dangerous Gadgets in Gomorrah! It can turn even the lowliest draw chump on the board into a Shootout beast, at a cost and at significant risk.

Combos really well with Lillian Morgans and James Ghetty, both of whom get free Ghost Rock specifically to pay for Shootout abilities.

The main risk is if you end up losing a round of the shootout you may well end up paying the extra casualty cost. I like to imagine this is the result of your flamethrower getting holed by a stray bullet and immolating the user or his pal!

Countering this dangerous card one might perhaps think of employing Faithful Hound, Unprepared or Phantom Fingers. And remember the Shootout ability can only be used once per day, so when its gone, its gone. Send in a sacrificial dude to become a human torch and use up the Flamethrower ability then follow up with a second more serious attack. Or just run away until conditions are more favourable!

From the official v0.8 FAQ:

" If the ability has been used, the controller must take an extra casualty if they lose the round.

 In the event of tied hand ranks, the lowest poker hand still counts as the loser for this effect.

 In the event of an exact tie for hand value, there is no winner or loser (e.g. identical hands)."