Action • Cost 0

Shootout: Reduce a dude's bullets by their influence. The dude's controller may move them home booted (even if already booted).

"The best way to win a fight is to avoid the fight altogether." - Dave Montreal
Neutral • Jonathan Moore • Base Set #109 | Weird West Edition #215
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One of the most interesting cards in the set. When I first read it, I missed the point. As a shootout action that interferes with the opponent, its really bad next to its comparable "Sun in Your Eyes", "Unprepared" and "Pinned Down". The penalty isn't as big AND the opposition gets to run home? But the main use of the card is to send your own dude home when he gets stuck in an unwanted shootout. This is great if one of your dudes gets caught booted on an opponent's deed or if your opponent has a "can't refuse" shootout action. It won't protect you against Jobs that target your dudes, though. In a pinch where you must when a shootout, you can use it to lower your opponent's bullets too! Lots of decks can benefit from this card, from completely pacifistic diamond focused decks, to Dead Man Hand Decks that want to avoid fights while it improves its structure. Even Club Flush Decks might want to include a copy or two to avoid unfavorable fights.