Action • Cost 0

Noon: Draw a card.

Cheatin' Resolution: Gain 3 ghost rock.

Neutral • Jesse Hibbs • Base Set #122 | Promos #5
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This card is so versatile, everything ax4jim says in the previous review is correct. This card helps cycle through your deck, which if you are running 6s as one of your stronger values, is amazing.

The best way I found to approach this card during deckbuilding is to imagine that it doesn't even actually exist. If your deck can do what you want, your draw structure is incredibly tight, some 6 value cards in your deck won't hurt anything like skill pulls, and you have 1-4 slots to fill, this card is perfect. It's either invisible in your deck, or an uber reserves if you get lucky and happen to need ghost rock. This is probably the most widely playable card in the game right now.

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In my opinion... one of the best action cards in the game, currently. Free to play, can be used in lowball, noon, and shootouts (as a resolution). The effect of the noon action is the same (if not better) than a Pony Express but you don't have to pay the deed price or worry about control, and the Cheatin' resolution generates 3 ghost rock like that (snapping my finger).

6 is a middle of the road value so in Huckster and Mad Scientist decks it is not ideal, but you cannot deny the power of this card. There are a lot of powerful cards from 6-10 (Reserves, Rumors, and Unprepared to name a few).

I would love to hear any other negatives about this card I may be overlooking...I just don't see any.