8 Rumors

Action • Cost 0

Noon: Choose a dude. That dude gets –1 influence while at any location except home.

"A crazed gunman, a wild dog, a shabling horror - those I can handle. Venomous words like these, I stay away from." - Abram Grothe
Neutral • Cristian Chihaia • Base Set #128 | Promos #12
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Rumors is a versatile card that can fit in almost any deck if your draw structure involves 8s.

Play Rumors on an opponent's 1 influence dude hanging out at your location, all by their lonesome, and you'll immediately get control back. Considering that a lot of dudes in the game are only 1 influence, this can happen quite frequently.

As narrow of a situation it can be, Rumors can literally win you the game if your control equals your opponent's influence. Just make it your last Noon play and if your opponent doesn't have an answer for it, then good game!


Rumors can be less effective against Morgan Landslide decks who will just keep playing locations until they overwhelm you.

-1 influence doesn't prevent your opponent from using the dude altogether. They can still move, use all their bullets, and their other abilities are still intact. Chances are they'll be picked first for a casualty, notwithstanding if the dude you used it on isn't a 3 bullet stud or someone else really valuable.

If you're running The R & D Ranch and / or Elander Boldman, just like all other clubs, Rumors doesn't fit in.


Rumors is quite useful in dictating which of your opponent's dudes will be occupying both their own and your own deeds. Its applications range from surprising your opponent in gaining control of their deeds, winning back your own, and flat out win the game if the conditions are there.

Rating: 4 / 5