Dude • Stud 2 • Influence 2 • Cost 8 • Upkeep 1

Wylie has +1 bullet for each wanted dude in the opposing posse.

"There ain't nothin' Wylie and Bramble can't track." - Lucy Clover
Law Dogs • Brent Chumley • New Town, New Rules #4
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2 stud 2 influence are solid stats by themselves, allowing Wylie to protect a deed very well, even by himself.

Value of 8 of Spades allows an alternative to Steven Wiles in Law Dogs DMH decks.

Just by using the Law Dogs Outfit ability can enable Wylie's bullet bonus.

Deputy trait is somewhat relevant now with Rafi Hamid for government deeds if you play them.

Wylie REALLY dissuades your opponent from occupying your private deeds in general. Your opponent won't accept a Call Out by Wylie if he calls out a wanted dude, knowing full well that Wylie will be at least a 3 stud if they do accept.

Wylie combos with a few Goods cards if you go that route. Tin Star and Bluetick all put your opponent's wanted dudes on notice and that they really have nowhere to hide.

Wylie has a built in protection to Kidnappin'. Your opponent shouldn't use it on Wylie, knowing full well they'll at least again have a 3 stud (perhaps even a 4 stud) to deal with to succeed at the job. Further compound that with Wylie now having a bullet bonus against all the dudes that just performed that unsuccessful Kidnappin' on him, it speaks for itself.


8 ghost rock is really expensive, just one less than Sheriff Dave Montreal. To mitigate this, you're better off having Wylie in your starting gang so he can start protecting your deeds from the get go.

Wylie will have a big target on himself for your opponent's action cards. Sun In Yer Eyes, Unprepared, Blood Curse, and Paralysis Mark can still be used to neutralize Wylie, but then again, what dude isn't affected by all of those?


Wylie puts any wanted dudes in play on notice. Play him at the start of the game and your private deeds are safe just by his presence.

Rating: 4/5