Dude • Draw 0 • Influence 5 • Cost 8 • Upkeep 3
Huckster 2

When Lillian enters a posse, place 3 ghost rock on her. The ghost rock may be used to pay for Shootout abilities (it is not a bounty). Discard her unused ghost rock after the shootout.

Shootout, Pay X Ghost Rock: X of your dudes in any location(s) join Lillian's posse (moving if necessary).

Entrepreneurs • Ikaan Studios & Cristian Chihaia • New Town, New Rules #6
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I think it was the card art that first drew me into my love for Lillian Morgan, the plutocratic huckster locked in struggle with her stepdaughter #Tallulah Morgan for control of the #Morgan Cattle Company.

For what it is worth I am siding with Lillian. She is an oddity, a huckster in a faction normally set up for steampunk gadgetry and cattle ranching and not obviously well equipped for magic.

One wonders how exactly Lillian charmed her way into her position as the matriarch of the outfit and what exactly led to the feud with her stepdaughter... Did the paterfamilias of the outfit, the late Mr Morgan pass on in a, how to put this.... witchlike way?

In any case, a lot of fun can be had suprising opponents of the Morgan Cattle Company by fielding Lillian as part of an unusual Morgan hex deck: a playstyle known as "Lilly-hammer".

Lets start with her massive cost. 8GR plus three upkeep is a big hurdle. But consider pairing her with the original Morgan Cattle Company home and you see she can boot to build any deed in the current game, even the 5GR cost ones. Why not build the #Town Hall and lower that influence bill? Obviously she would have to move to that deed booted as per the outfit card. Now she is vulnerable, but is she? Her trait means she can pay to call 3 dudes to her side to join her posse to her aid if she gets in a firefight, then run home booted leaving her minions to fight on after the first round.

Or she can pay the costs for a Flamethrower to get the fireworks started.

If a second fight beckons, why not get in character and mix up a cocktail? One Good Stiff Drink and the shootout mooks can come running again. I like to pair Tyxarglenak with Lillian as a bodyguard. I figure Mrs Morgan is not above keeping an Abomination servant for her close protection, and probably not above Raising Hell to bring him back after getting him aced.

Another favoured tactic is to use her trait to bring in Hired Help to do her dirty work for her. I usually pack 4 of these and use them a lot. That token gunslinger gets seen a lot when Lillian is around.

When tooled up with hexes and a few choice actions she becomes a formidable opponent. Her immense influence means she will control any deed she occupies. Should she spot a dude out of position and booted and feel the need to call someone out, a well timed #00137...It's who you know action can turn her into a raging 5-stud for that shootout.

Lets talk hexes: Fetch is a good choice to keep her alive if the opponent cheats. Soul Blast is a good choice as if it fails Lillian will be sent home booted. Mirror Mirror is a must, and Heartseeker makes for a knockout punch for pesky opposing shooters. Hex Slinging adds a little hand rank manipulation fun. In the right deck Soul Blast can be used on enemies, or on herself to zap her out of fights and back home!

Lillian needs mobility to go on the rampage: Shadow Walk can help. On this note: As you have the ability to churn out a lot of deeds using her influence, the rarely played and doubtless unexpected Secret Tunnel followed by a devastating ...Its Who you Know can have the effect of an enraged 5-stud plutocrat turning up to take names and kick ass after seeming to be safely on the other end of the street.

A Horse might also help get Lillian where you like: I favour the Personal Ornithopter as it allows you to bail on unfavourable shootouts and is a good value for pulls. A Telepathy Helmet might just help keep Lillian in the fight for a long time, and frequently I find she can pay the big bucks every turn to see the opponents play hand.

So all in all, Lillian Morgan makes for some jazzy, janky decks and a fun game with an unusual style.