Action • Cost 0

Noon: One of your dudes calls out an opposing dude at their location. All dudes in both posses use their influence rather than their bullet rating for the shootout (but keep their bullet type). Your dude becomes a stud for this shootout.

• Ikaan Studios & Cristian Chihaia • Double Dealin' #19 | Promos #137
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This is one of my favorite cards to play with. It is so deadly! :) It is so much more than just using your influence to fight.

First thing to note is that it allow you to call a dude no matter the situation: meaning you can for example, call a dude at your opponent's home, or call a dude with your booted dude. A good combo i like to use is to pair this with The Spiritual Society outfit, booting one of my dudes to boot a dude with lower influence, and then call him using this, knowing he can't refuse and i'll have the advantage (since i have more influence than him).

One other thing it's quite good at is dealing with big threats. Most of the time, a dude with a tons of bullets won't necessarily have a ton of influence either, making it a potential easy target for a suicide shootout with this. And all his bullet boosting actions won't help him either! :)

Overall a quite underappreciated card, in my opinion.