4 Puppet

Spell • Cost 2

Noon Hex X, Boot: X is the grit of a dude at this location. Take control of the dude until after the Sundown phase.

Neutral • Mirco Paganessi • Election Day Slaughter #17
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Puppet is a devastatingly powerful card. Any low grit dude facing a Huckster with this attached is going to have a problem.

Pros: There is nothing more satisfying than puppeting your opponents dude then using him as cannon fodder in a pointless shootout against his erstwhile allies.

Cons: 2 GR is fairly expensive for a hex (but probably worth it!). It is on a low value so taking many copies might be risky if your Hex deck is reliant on higher value spell pulls.

Notes from the official FAQ: " Can be used to take control of an opposing dude that you already have a copy of in play.

 If you have taken control of an opposing dude, you can still play your own copy of that dude, as you don’t have a copy in play that you own.

 If you take control of an opposing dude, and then overlay it with an Experienced version, you retain control of that dude after Sundown because control reverts to the owner, which you now are."

Holy cow. That last one is a boss move. I am just picturing the opposing players face as you convert their dude into a better, more experienced one that is 100% all yours. Total pwnage.