Deed • Control 1 • Cost 2 • Production 1
Private • Government

Comes into play booted.

Controller Noon, Boot: Choose another player's dude. The dude's owner either pays the dude's upkeep or discards that dude. Reduce the dude's upkeep to 0 until after the next Upkeep phase.

"Now there's only one sure thing in life." - Avie Cline
Neutral • David Hueso • Faith and Fear #21 | Weird West Edition #134
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This is a great card that is often the flashpoint for conflict.

Pros: Cheap 2 cost, one income deeds are always useful.

J-value good for spell and gadget pulls.

The Noon ability is very scary for anyone with a crucial high-upkeep dude on the board (looking at you Ivor Hawley & Sloane!) Expect them to respond to the threat by trying to contest control of this card. If you can play the noon ability you can change the whole tenor of the game, and maybe even force them to discard a lot of influence and thus put them into check.

Cons: The noon ability is a double edged sword. If you lose control of this card at the wrong time it could be used against you, so beware. If you see this hit the table try to contest it and subsequently keep some ghost rock handy to cover your upkeep if needed.

Combos with: Government keyword synergises with Constance Daughtry and Notary Public.