Goods • Bonus 2 • Cost 2
Weapon • Experimental • Gadget • Difficulty 6

Shootout, Boot: Pull. If it's a club, discard this dude. If not, discard an opposing dude with value less than or equal to this dude's bullets.

"Overcharge? What do you mean, overcha-"
• Biagio D'Alessandro • No Turning Back #13
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Where to begin. This card wants SO MUCH to be good. The problem is, that this card perfectly illustrates the problem that science has right now. This card is not as good shotgun. Sure, it costs one less ghost rock, and gives you one more bullet, but that's where the "better than" Shotgun starts, and ends.

  • Shotgun straight aces the target.
  • Shotgun doesn't require a pull.
  • Shotgun doesn't have a chance to cost you the dude it's attached to by using it.
  • Shotgun doesn't require you to boot a dude, and make a pull to put it into play.
  • Shotgun doesn't require you to tailor your deck to minimize your use of Clubs. It doesn't require you to give up running jobs, cheatin' cards.
  • Shotgun doesn't require you to give up the element of surprise, by allowing your opponent to see what is coming. Yes, I know people are running clubless gadgets. Clubless gadgets, or "Club light" gadget decks are telegraphing their moves to their opponent. They are putting all the cards on the table. That's never an effective strategy. You have eliminated your play hand as a weapon. You might as well be playing the game with no cards in hand.

My review?


There is a lot of great ideas wrapped into this card, but too much drawback to even consider running in anything but a fun deck.