Action • Cost 0

React: After an opponent declares the use of a Shootout or non-Cheatin’ Resolution ability, boot a Gadget on a dude in your posse. Waive all costs of the ability, and that ability has no effect.

Neutral • Riccardo Rullo • Dirty Deeds #22 | Promos #111
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@redgun The ability is considered to have been used. See the ruling here.

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@platypus could you please enable short comments to reviews? Or basically turn reviews into discussions?

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As of 9/26, it has been determined that A Slight Modification can be used to cancel an ability such as "Thunder Boy" Nabbe and that ability can NOT be used a second time that shootout because the line in Thunderboy's text that says the ability can only be used once per shootout. When canceled by ASM, it has been "used" but has had no effect. Therefore, it can not be used a second time if canceled by ASM.

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Just a question about the first cancel in the game : Could the abilty canceled be used another time or it count as the one per day. ? I think it can be use another time before next day but i would prefer confirmation. Thanx