Dude • Draw 0 • Influence 0 • Cost 1 • Upkeep 0
Huckster 3

After Darragh successfully casts a spell and the spell is still in play, discard the spell.

"The card tables in Gomorra have truly become an assembly of the strange lately." -Steele Archer
Outlaws • Larry Wilson • Ghost Town #8
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Doomdog. 2/5. He’s cheap, and on value with Hot Lead Flyin’ (ugh… I hate that card). His trait is very strange, and I can’t think of a situation where you could take advantage of it as you usually want to keep your hexes in play. His huckster skill, however, boosts Bobo to a 4 stud so he has that going for him. He’ll find a home in dude swarm decks, but I can’t think of much else he’s good for. Perhaps a jank build using abominations and Raising Hell?

Jedilanni. 4/5. Darragh Meng helps Sloane and 4th Ring hex-shooter decks just by being a 1 drop huckster 3 dude that shares a value with Bobo. He is on value with many of Sloane’s preferred hexes, so discarding back into your draw structure is a minimal drawback. Another thing going for him is he can recycle hexes for late game use on Essex, Nic, and/or Ivor.

Chefonk. 4/5. We are seeing a lot of 1-cost dudes lately and this is actually the second one for the Sloane Gang. Generally, I really like cheap dudes as they allow you to start with 5 dudes in decks where this would otherwise not be possible. In-game, I always have a ghost rock for someone to throw under the bus. You might not want to start him though, because I believe that Willa Mae MacGowan is better suited for that role. But 6 is a value with many options for Sloane, especially if you focus on Hucksters and more different dudes on that value are great. The fact that he is also a Huckster with a high is a nice bonus when you play a couple of on-value Bobos. Because of his trait, you really do not want to attach important Hexes to him. Then again, he will probably not stick around very long anyway. My rating might seem a little high, but I really can not rate a 1-cost dude any lower, especially when you can easily play him in any faction that needs more bodies on the 6 value.

Jhandy27. 1/5. Not too keen on this guy, just because one of hexes biggest strengths over things like clubs is that they stick around. He offers a very cheap claim soak and you could use him in a Sloane Huckster deck as your backup hex-slinger, but can’t see him being used too much elsewhere.

Nu_Fenix. Why?! The benefit of Hexes (and hearts in general) is that they hang around to be used every turn, whilst actions have the surprise factor to balance out only being used once. Darragh takes the worst parts of both in my mind. I doubt I will ever use him.