Goods • Cost 1

This dude has +3 Influence during the Upkeep phase.

React, Boot: At the start of the Upkeep Phase, move this dude to an adjacent location (without booting).

"Well ain't you just precious!"
• Marcel Stobinski • Ghost Town #23 | Promos #121
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Jhandy27. 3/5. As long as your dude occupies town square, you can choke an opponent’s income for the turn. For a cost of 1, it only has to trigger once for you break even. The amount of times you’ll hear people say “If only you hadn’t squatted on that 1 or 2 gr, I couldn’ve played this,” will be countless.

Nu_Fenix. I have mixed feelings on this. Being able to move at the start of upkeep is nice, since I am a fan of free movement. Moving onto an opponent’s deed to deny income means I’m either stuck or have to boot to go somewhere else. The moved dude probably lacks the influence to control the deed during Noon to use any of its abilities. I may try it out of curiosity, but most likely it’s not a card I’ll use.

Doomdog. 4/5. This is one of those cards that I’ll need to play around with a bit to see how useful it actually is. Movement effects, however, are generally good. Three influence during the upkeep phase means that the likes of Jake Smiley can don their Sunday Best and prevent your opponent from getting production or can safeguard your own. Depending on low-ball results, you could use the move to set up a first action call out, or indeed escape from one!

Chefonk. 4/5. Oh I really like this one. 4 received two great goods this set, but unlike Tusk this is not as straight forward or might not seem awesome at first impression. The chance of denying your opponent income by swooping in from another location is really powerful. You can use it if stuck in a deed but you really want to be in town square right from the start of the round. Another use is when you need to be at one of your deeds to call out an opposing dude occupying it with your first action to prevent them from using it. This is a card that you can use almost every time for your advantage while your opponent has to always keep it in mind or else he might be surprised by one of your dudes at an unexpected location.

Jedilanni. 3/5. Denying income and movement are important parts of the game. Sloane and Oddities will be using this to take over deeds due to their sub-par influence then bouncing back to town square to run jobs or other shenanigans.