Spell • Cost 0

Resolution Spirit 4, Boot: All dudes in your posse gain the Harrowed keyword until the end of this round. If your opponent has an illegal draw hand, a 2-stud Harrowed Nature Spirit enters play and joins your posse, and gains the Harrowed keyword.

Neutral • Riccardo Rullo • Ghost Town #29
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Jhandy27. 2/5. I quite like this card as it gives you a lot of claim soak in a low value shaman deck. To answer the question of what can you do with all that sop on its own is just lose less. You could try adding force fields (brave) or adding Accidental Reunion so that you can cheat without the casualty cost. This requires that your opponent either cheat to keep up or be legal and probably lose the fight anyway. Rock and a hard place – my favorite.

Nu_Fenix. No-one likes losing a shootout, but when you do, who wouldn’t like to lose less. Losing by an odd number always bothers me as it costs me two dudes, but with this it may only be one, or even sending a dude home booted if I need a single casualty. As a Resolution this still leaves me with the option for a Cheatin’ Resolution. With this and Crafty Hare, a I can see attempting low value Spirit deck, putting more low value cards into play for the Eagle Wardens.

Doomdog. 4/5. This is a great defensive spirit for shamans who like to get into fights, be it with a horde of token dudes or just through camping in the town square. Making all your dudes harrowed means that a bad shootout round won’t hurt anywhere near as much as usual, and if your opponent cheats the Nature Spirit might just soak all the casualties leaving you at full strength for round two. If I play my Sharp Dressed Man deck again, I’ll definitely find space for a couple of these.

Chefonk. 4/5. So Eagle Wardens get a lot of cards that protect their dudes in shootouts, which is a strategy that I really like. And this spell does it really well. The most important thing is that it’s not a cheating resolution so you can use this and the regular cheating punishment you are running. But even without the created Nature Spirit Token, giving Harrowed to all of your dudes is great and something your opponent really has to take into account when engaging in shootouts. With a value of 3 it might not be suited for the totem-oriented deck type, but hooter based Eagle Warden builds based on low values will surely play a couple of them. With this, Strength of the Ancestors, Owl’s Insight, and Mother Bear’s Rage you have a couple of nice low value spells that can provide an alternative to the movement and control other Eagle Wardens decks focus on.

Jedilanni. 3/5. I gain more casualty soak and if opponent cheats I gain a dude to reduce it by 3. If the shootout goes terribly wrong you live to fight another day.