Action • Cost 0

Resolution: Discard a Sidekick in your posse to reduce your casualties this round by two. Unboot the Sidekick's dude. Send an opposing dude home booted.

"Nooooo!!!" -Lucy Clover
• Ikaan Studio • Ghost Town #31
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Nu_Fenix. Further reinforcing this pack’s love of sidekicks, I first wanted to combine this with An Accidental Reunion. Aggressively cheat, then either they don’t and lose to a large rank difference, or they do and take casualties from An Accidental Reunion and maybe the rank difference on top. Meanwhile, you use your sidekick(s) to take the casualties from An Accidental Reunion. Then send the dude they intend to soak the casualties home instead, making it more likely someone important dies. The only on-value sidekicks are Bluetick and Crafty Hare, meaning Lawdogs and Eagle Wardens would be best for trying this combo.

Doomdog. 2/5. Some interesting sidekick support that could help you get that little bit more out of your Blueticks and Crafty Hares. Useful for an Eagle Wardens sidekick deck or for Law Dogs running Bluetick, the main problem for me is that it competes with Bottom Dealin‘.

Chefonk. 3/5. On value with Bluetick, one of the better sidekicks, and the not-so-great Crafty Hare. So there already is built in synergy when playing 2s. The effect itself is kind of conditional. On the other hand, you probably aggressively seek out shootouts when playing the sidekick theme so you might use this card more often than you think. When it triggers, it does a lot for you. Covering one additional casualty, unbooting your dude, and sending the opposing dude home booted are things that come in handy and might turn the tide in a crucial shootout. With this card being so conditional, I doubt that you should run more than 2 copies. Nice addition, but by no means necessary.

Jhandy27. 3/5. I equate this card somewhat with Turtle’s Guard as another way of casualty reduction without losing board presence. I would love to see a deck mixing Accidental Reunion and this with sidekicks etc. for a “No I am not going to die!” deck, but could see it being a slow starter.