Action • Cost 0

Noon: Choose one or more of your unbooted Kung Fu dudes and select a location. Each chosen dude performs a Kung Fu test. Each dude that succeeds moves to that location (without booting).

• David Su • Ghost Town #38
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Nu_Fenix. The idea of free movement is great, but the value puts me off. I’m not sold on it, and don’t feel that there is much to say.

Doomdog. 1/5. More 108 movement shenanigans. I suppose you’d put a couple of these in as off-values. But as it’s a high value and doesn’t fit into the typical Kung Fu straight flush values, I don’t see it seeing much play. You could use it to move dudes like Xui Yin Chen or Yunxu Jiang in to support a shootout, mob a vulnerable dude with your Fu dudes, or move a Fu dude or two away from trouble.

Chefonk. 2/5. Always happy to see more kung fu support and more movement options for the Bandits, but this fails to impress because of two reasons. First off, the 9 value means it will miss most kung fu checks as only a few dudes can successfully pull a 9 for their check. Kung fu skill checks are even more vulnerable to fail as the Taos rely on consecutive successes in order to get the most out of it, so a card that threatens to break the Tao combo has to really be worth it. Unfortunately, this leads to the second reason. Movement is good and moving one or more of your dudes is even better, but I don’t see why it was necessary to require unbooted dudes. Allowing this to move booted dudes would be really strong but mitigated by the fact that each of them would have to pass their kung fu check (not to mention having the trait in the first place) along with the high value of the card itself. So just being able to move unbooted dudes does not provide the impact that is required to include this card.

Jhandy27. 1/5. Running a high value in kung fu means the card must be good enough to warrant the risk right? No. This isn’t the sort of movement that’s going to be very useful and it’s limited to a certain skill type. Don’t run this.