Dude • Draw 2 • Influence 0 • Cost 2 • Upkeep 0

Noon Job, Boot: Mark your home. If successful, search your discard pile for a Horse and attach it to any one of your dudes, reducing its cost by 1.

"That's a woman after my own heart." -Jarrett Blake
Entrepreneurs • Mario Wibisono • The Curtain Rises #5 | Weird West Edition #35
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Maggie is a solid addition to any Horse deck, and she actually does great work in Gadget Horse decks as well. You can use her to fetch a Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton or a good ol' Mechanical Horse from your discard pile, using a Mad Scientist to invent it and then attach it to any dude in any location. Now that's synergy!

Here's the rules clarification on that combo being possible: forums.pineboxentertainment.com