Action • Cost 1

If you pull this card for a skill test, you may immediately use its ability.

React: After one of your dudes successfully invents an Experimental Gadget, or succeeds with any other skill test by 5 or more, they permanently gain 1 control point.

Neutral • Grzegorz Bobrowski • The Showstopper #20
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February 13, 2018 -
Showboating has been banned and will no longer be a legal card for organised play events.

From Design Team, Emre Guzelsu:

Showboating’s ban stems from 2 main reasons:
First, the card violates the fundamental contract of DTR of player interaction being the game’s primary driver. A card like Showboating allows you to win the game simply by casting spells to no actual effect. While the card opened up a variety of new win condition paths, it ultimately just fueled too many NPE (Negative Play Experience) decks. As such, pulling it from the environment is the best path forward in protecting the game’s health.

Second, the card has been an incredible drag on design and playtest. When literally every skill check has to be measured against whether it fuels Showboating, that’s a severe indicator that the card has problems. By hitting the Fortress deck type (which these changes should do), we can hopefully open up the design of Spirits more in the future. This would be impossible with Showboating in the meta as any good card for Eagle Wardens was fundamentally a good card for Fortress. Hopefully this will make our job easier in providing fun and balanced cards to the players, and allow us to free up space to not need to measure every single card against its enabling of Showboating.