Legend • Wealth -1
The Ghost

If you are the leader, your dudes without Weapons have -1 bullets.

Shootout, Boot: Attach a Non-Unique Weapon from your hand to one of your non-token dudes.

• Dan Frazier • Hell's Comin' With Me #1
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I believe that there is a full blown article on the development of the second wave of Heroic Legends.

Honest Andrew Lane here went through a ton of changes, with my play test team telling me the number of different ways that I was letting the manitou take control.

The Ghost provides a degree of action economy. If you have the money for a weapon, but are not sure if your opponent is going to oblige you with a fight, you can try, and if they back down you can play that deed you were considering.

if facing off against a melee weapon deck, you can sand bag your weapon and get them to commit to a fight that you can turn favorable.

if you are using weapons that turn your dudes into studs, you can wait out their Sun in Yer Eyes and use a weapon to restore a semblance of studdage.