Dude • Stud 3 • Influence 3 • Cost 9 • Upkeep 3
Huckster 2 • Experienced 1

If your outfit is , Jonah's cost is reduced by the number of different Hexes you control.

Other wanted dudes in Jonah's posse have +1 bullets.

Noon/Shootout: Discard an opponent's attached card at this location with cost equal to or less than Jonah's bounty. Raise the bounty of your dude at this location by 1.

• David Hammond • Hell's Comin' With Me #27
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he has been moving in the shadow of the story for long enough - now Jonah steps into a more commanding role.

in line with most of the factional Kings, Jonah can slide into play earlier when playing to his plan - and Jonah's plan is Hexes, in full spectacular variety.

Yes, 3 upkeep is noteworthy. But so is 3 influence and 3 stud bullets.

The action though. getting rid of an opponent's attachment without fail can change the course of the game. Sure, Jonah's cost/upkeep tends to move him as an endgame play, but he can certainly tip the balance of power in your favor.

for an extra Spicy kick (particularly if you are running the low difficulty spell tricks), consider dropping Jonah right into the fight with Serendipitous Arrival - you get a stud, an influence boost to controlling the location, and pop an attachment of cost 0 (spells?) or even a 1 cost (if his arrival is at their private location).