Spell • Cost 2

Noon Spirit 8, Boot: Move all of your unbooted dudes at this location to another location.

"Black Elk guided us through the Hunting Grounds, bringing us straight to the kiva's depths." -Geronimo
• Wayne Miller • Hell's Comin' With Me #50
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with Secret Paths, you can take a whole posse of dudes from home over to a contentious deed without having to stroll casually through a Murder Blender in town square. Sure, the deed in question might become the site of a fire fight, but at least your dudes will be there unbooted. Great when there are things that you want to boot for. Or if you have a Totem that you want to drop on their deed.

Sure, it is expensive, but the effect makes you into the king of movement.

And if you can entice a fool hardy claim jumper to boot on out to one of your out of town deeds, then all of your dudes get to attend their upcoming funeral.