Action • Cost 0

During shootouts at this location, the losing posse takes an additional casualty.

Each player gains the ability: "Noon Job: Mark the town square. If successful, discard a number of attached Tumblebleeds! equal to the number of dudes in your posse."

Noon: Boot your Huckster to attach this card to town square.

Neutral • David Hammond • Hell's Comin' With Me #52
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Tumblebleeds is another card where the art came first. Our resident Marshal Artist, David Hammond, had this piece done up, and I had to design how in the nine hells Tumblebleeds from the RPG would take form in Doomtown.

The weeds don’t make it indoors, but they can certainly enhance plans for a town square murder blender. And while you can send intrepid heroes to dispatch the infernal thistles, the removal job happens in town square, and Tumblebleeds make that a dangerous place.

Safety tip, in tie hands their is still a loser. Try not to be that player.