Dude • Draw 1 • Influence 2 • Cost 5 • Upkeep 1
Huckster 1

Noon: Target an opposing dude at this location. Carmilla makes a Huckster skill check of that dude's grit. If successful, boot that dude. If unsuccessful, boot Carmilla (if able).

Neutral • Debt of Blood #27
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a story request for a controlling huckster of a woman. maybe a soiled dove. maybe a socialite. Maybe all of the above.

Carmilla sports an ability that can work like Paralysis Mark. Unless she fails the check (which is a little more difficult, since it targets the oft-neglected Grit).

But she is also a back up huckster on 10 value and has 2 inflluence. I expect to see her in deck lists.