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Whizzwang 272

This deck is all about hand rank manipulation.

Doyle's Hoyle, Ghostly Gun, Ace in the Hole, Hex Slingin', Cheatin' Varmint AND It's Not What You Know all make an appearance.

We have a Rich Slavin and all the out of town deeds to give him places to hide and use his ability to keep recurring the Hoyle.

Our Grifter is Freddy because a 3 cost 0 upkeep stud who can use your Outfit Ability is pretty damn good.

Avie exp is our Harrowed dude of choice as she's slightly better than Mario as she can drag people around town.

We start McCadish and our 3 lowest value guys to increase the chances that we can keep them alive.

Most of the hexes are there to fuel the Slingin' but can be a good Hail Mary play if needed. Low difficulty pulls are doable for things like Mirror, Mirror and Corporeal Twist.