White Widow Sheriff Event 7th Place - Myrtle Beach, SC

published Jul 14, 2015 | | |
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kollatt 496

this is the fourth ring hex deck that took me to 7th place in the 20 player sheriff event in south carolina.

my biggest mistake pre-tournament was not playing more hard resolutions in favor of ones that depended on having a hex on the board like hex slingin' and magical mistraction. i would probably exchange 1 HS and 2 MD for 2 flight of the lepus, and possibly take out a single cheatin' varmint for another INWYK to provide bigger rank swings when going up against dudes like barton and tommy.

during the tournament I most likely should have started with tyx over the brute or travis moone against desolation row to have a little more game against kidnappin'.

fantastic event overall. happy i placed, and looking ahead to gencon now :]